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Laser Drive Electronics


Laser drive electronics are a very important consideration when designing any DPSS laser system. Controlling multiple laser system functions and managing the operational and safety interlocks are critical requirements.

The eDrive laser controller is able to operate and monitor all critical DPSS laser parameters including pump diode drive current, Q-switch, TEC temperature management devices, and system interlocks. It can operate laser diodes in CW and QCW modes, and features include an easy-to-use local front panel interface and several digital remote control options. LabVIEW* drivers are provided as a standard feature.  Request eDrive Information 

All internal components are conservatively rated and high current circuits are physically separated from low current/voltage circuits. Operating limits for current and duty cycle can also be programmed in order to protect laser diode arrays from being over driven. The eDrive is offered with an industry-leading QCW drive current rating of 300 amperes and a 350 volt compliance limit.

See the tabbed information below for eDrive performance data.

OverviewCritical DPSS FunctionsArray Interface ModuleTiming EngineFirst Pulse Suppression (FPS)Internal TEC ControllerAbout CEO
eDrive Functionality
eDrive array interface module
eDrive Timing Engine
eDrive First Pulse Suppression
eDrive Internal TEC Controller
About CEO

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