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Sub-Compact Laser Diodes for Stringent SWAP Requirements


The number of hand-held/compact portable LIDAR, medical and material analysis laser applications has seen steady growth over the past several years. Over this period, the size, weight, and power (SWAP) requirements of the hand-held systems have continued to shrink while their performance requirements have continued to increase. Whether these systems utilize laser sources such as direct laser diode or diode pumped laser materials such as Nd:YAG and Er:Glass, the need for sub-compact laser diode packaging has continued to grow.

To support these hand-held applications CEO offers are wide variety of standard sub-compact conductively-cooled laser diode packages that are substantially smaller and more lightweight than their “A” style, “G” style, and “CS” style counterparts. These laser diode packages can be used with CEO’s high-performance 5 mm and 10 mm wide laser diode bars (790 nm – 980 nm) over operating temperatures from -40 °C to +80 °C. Additionally, as the manufacturers of hand-held laser systems need to engineer ever more complex system geometries to shrink the overall system SWAP of their systems, the need for customized laser diode packing becomes even more important. CEO offers customized laser diode packages to meet the stringent SWAP requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s OEM manufacturer’s needs.

“We have a long history of developing custom laser diode solutions for our customers. These frequently turn into products that we deliver to those specific customers for years or decades in support of commercial products or specific military programs. Walking side-by-side with these customers through the development, prototype, and production phases is one of the greatest strengths of CEO’s Engineering and Operations teams.” – Ryan Feeler, CTO and Director of Business Development.

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