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High-Energy Laser Modules for Medical Applications


Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) has recently experienced an increase in business in the medical laser market due to the capability and reliability of our pulsed laser modules.

According to Ryan Feeler, CTO and Director of Business Development, “We’ve seen a real change in our customer base over the past ten years. A decade ago, they were mostly engaged in a lot of low-volume, development work. Now we have several customers who have moved into production with equipment used for eye surgery, vein treatment, kidney stone removal, and other applications that are beneficial to patients. Work continues on a number of other fronts as well.” CEO manufactures high-energy, pulsed, Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF modules with rod diameters from 2-30mm and stored energies from 100mJ to 10J. CEO also supplies modules with laser diodes tailored for Er:YAG pumping. It is at the low end of this parameter space where Medical Equipment Manufacturers are integrating these units in high volume.

Laser modules

“Medical Equipment Manufacturers are very demanding of all hardware they integrate into their systems,” said Feeler. “This is especially true of the laser modules they use as oscillators and amplifiers.”

CEO’s laser modules are typically rated for lifetimes greater than 10 billion pulses. This exceeds the projected lifetime of a piece of equipment in many environments. For extremely demanding applications with high utilization rates, steps are taken to derate the modules which leads to even greater lifetimes. CEO works with each Medical Equipment Manufacturer to select the module that best meets their needs at an appropriate price point. If the ideal module does not yet exist, CEO is happy to design one, as the company excels in working with new customers from prototype to volume production.

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