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Life Testing of Long Pulse Laser Diode Arrays for Demanding Direct Diode Applications


Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO), a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, recently demonstrated the robustness and reliability of its long pulse laser diode array product line. These arrays are often used as a direct diode source for medical, industrial and military products. Many of these applications require 0.5-100ms pulse lengths and life times of greater than 1 million shots at high peak output powers. 


In order to demonstrate this capability, CEO recently built four 12-bar arrays and operated them at 100ms, 85A for over 1.5 million shots. The arrays produced approximately 1kW of peak optical output power at this operating condition. At the conclusion of the test each of the arrays met the beginning of life optical specifications and the power remained 98% of the initial value.

CEO’s long pulse laser diode arrays are available in stack sizes of 1 to 12 bars and can provide up to 1.8kW per stack. The arrays are assembled using thermal expansion matched materials and all critical bonds are made using hard solder. The package is designed to be cooled using non-deionized, standard water. This eliminates many of the chilled water requirements that are associated with traditional microchannel-cooled designs. The result is a compact, reliable and low-cost solution with proven reliability for demanding long-pulse applications.

Additional information about CEO’s long pulse laser diode arrays and other products is below:

  • CEO’s H-Package is ideally suited for medical, industrial and military applications that require long pulse drive conditions.
  • High Density Stack (HDS) laser diode arrays are ideal for small form-factor applications that require high pumping densities.
  • CEO also provides Laser Diode Arrays specifically designed for high-temperature operation.

In addition to the above products, CEO also provides High-Volume, Customer-Specific Diode Arrays to many OEM customers.

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