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High Temperature Laser Diode Arrays


Cutting Edge Optronics is a leading manufacturer of high temperature laser diode arrays that are designed to operate in harsh environments.  Diode arrays used in automotive or military/aerospace applications often experience operating temperatures ranging from 60-80oC, and CEO has a long history of supplying diode arrays that offer excellent reliability at these temperatures.

The data packet below contains information regarding a variety of different bar and package types, including standard epitaxial material (excellent performance across wide temperatures) and large optical cavity epitaxial material (excellent reliability at high powers).  In particular, CEO has life tested 5-bar arrays at 80oC, 250A, 60Hz for over 600 million pulses.  These arrays demonstrate excellent high-temperature reliability over a pulse count well in excess of the requirement of many military applications (e.g. range finders / target designators).  This pulse count is also in line with the requirements of many automotive applications.

Also included in the data packet is characterization data (P-I-V) over temperatures ranging from -40oC to 125oC.

Design & Test OverviewPower @ Elevated TempsEfficiency @ Elevated TempsSlope & Threshold @ Elevated TempsLarge Optical Cavity P-I Curves 350µm PitchLarge Optical Cavity P-I Curves HDS StackLarge Optical Cavity Temp vs. PowerLarge Optical Cavity Life Test OutlineLarge Optical Cavity Life Test ResultsSummaryAdvantages of HDS StackData Package DownloadAbout CEO

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