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CEO Provides Contract Manufacturing Services to High-End Optoelectronics Customers


Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) is currently utilizing its 25+ years of manufacturing experience to offer contract manufacturing services to high-end optoelectronics customers. “Over the past 10-15 years, we have provided contract manufacturing services to a wide variety of customers,” said Ed Stephens, General Manager of CEO.  “Often times it has been in support of a customer who has a great idea but needs some help getting off the ground.  We can provide assistance validating the design, building prototypes, and taking the idea all the way to and through volume production.”

Figure 1 – Example CEO-manufactured laser system.

While CEO is primarily a diode-pumped solid-state laser manufacturer, this experience lends itself to contract manufacturing across a wide range of products.  CEO has manufactured many products in this fashion in its recent history, including:

  • Highly-complex, passive, fiber-optic devices
  • Fiber-coupled diode pumps
  • Military-grade optoelectronic assemblies
  • Integrated laser transmitter / sensor assemblies

“CEO is well-suited to provide contract manufacturing services for a wide range of laser and other optoelectronic products,” said Ryan Feeler, Chief Technology Officer. “We can do this for standard commercial applications, but also for highly-specialized military/aerospace applications which leverage our considerable experience building lasers which operate in harsh environments.”

All manufacturing steps are completed at CEO’s ISO2015-certified facility near St. Louis, Missouri.

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