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7.5 Joule Laser Amplifier


Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO Laser) recently manufactured one of the largest, commercially available, diode pumped laser amplifiers in the world. This REA Series laser amplifier pumps a one inch diameter Nd:YAG laser rod with more than 400 QCW laser diode bars, and produces more than 9 Joules of gain switched energy and over 7.5 Joules of stored energy.

DPSS amplifiers offer several advantages over flashlamp-pumped amplifiers, including:  increased electrical-to-optical efficiency, reduced thermal lens strength, improved energy stability and reduced depolarization losses. In addition, some DPSS amplifiers can be operated at much higher repetition rates (10s of Hz to 1kHz). The lifetime of the laser diode bars in these amplifiers is > 10 billion pulses which equates to years or decades in many applications, making the amplifier nearly maintenance-free.

See the tabbed information below for more data on this laser amplifier.

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  1. what is the temporal duration of the pulse and the repetition rate? What is the spatial beam quality? Is more detailed technical literature available? I am interested in using this kind of pump laser to pump Ti:S in a CPA laser system.

    • Thanks for the question Marul. CEO Laser delivers laser products world-wide. An engineering representative will be in touch with you shortly to answer anymore questions you may have.

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