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All diode-pumped 4 Joule 527 nm Nd:YLF laser for pumping Ti:Sapphire lasers

A new generation of diode-pumped solid-state lasers has been developed that enables ultra-stable Ti:Sapphire pumping at high energies. We report an injection-seeded, all diode-pumped high-energy Nd:YLF laser system based on a master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration. The laser produces pulses with over 4 J of pulse energy at 10 Hz, 527 nm, and pulse duration of ~13 ns. The laser is specifically designed to produce a uniform, flat-top beam in the near field.

Details of the laser design are discussed. The master oscillator is an injection seeded electro-optical Q-switched TEM00 mode laser. It produces stable, temporally-smooth laser pulses as the source for the system. The uniformity of the flat top beam is discussed. The pulse energy stability and beam pointing stability are thoroughly investigated and reported. The lifetime test results for the pump diodes are also presented. Continue reading

200W Pump Laser

Green Pump Lasers for Ultrafast Amplifiers

Ti:sapphire lasers have become prominent in the field of ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers due to their broad emission bandwidth and the ability to minimize opto-thermal effects over a wide range of operating parameters. In order to build high-average-power Ti:sapphire lasers, high-quality high-average-power green pump lasers are required.

The performance of CEO pump lasers is examined in this work, particularly the 50 mJ Patara™-HP50 YLF and 200 W Patara-HP200 YAG lasers. Analysis of pulse energy performance over repetition rate is presented, as is a summary of the beam quality, optical pulse, and long-term power stability. A discussion of reliability is also included.

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High Temperature Laser Diode Arrays

Cutting Edge Optronics is a leading manufacturer of high temperature laser diode arrays that are designed to operate in harsh environments.  Diode arrays used in automotive or military/aerospace applications often experience operating temperatures ranging from 60-80oC, and CEO has a long history of supplying diode arrays that offer excellent reliability at these temperatures.

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High Performance LIDAR Laser

Cutting Edge Optronics development of the HLS DPSS laser system marks a new beginning in airborne LIDAR data collection. This compact unit combines Northrop Grumman’s proprietary stable short-pulse laser front-end with Yb-doped fiber and Nd:YVO4 amplifiers to achieve mJ level pulse energies with excellent beam quality at laser repetition rates of 10 kHz and above. The laser produces a smooth and stable temporal pulse shape of <1.5 nsec pulse width at <100 psec jitter and is ruggedized for operation on airborne platforms over a wide range of environmental conditions.

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Microlensing of Laser Diode Packages

With over 20 years of laser diode packaging experience, Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) has developed significant capabilities in microlensing of laser diode packages. With over 200 standard laser diode packages available, CEO has the experience to microlens laser diode output for a given set of application requirements to achieve high levels of collimation and pointing.

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