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G Package

The G Package laser diode array is a standard in the laser industry. It often serves as a building block for large laser systems or as a stand-alone unit in a laboratory environment. It is available with up to 26 bars and a maximum pulsed (QCW) output power of 5.2 kW. CEO offers these arrays with a variety of bar-to-bar pitches, including 150 µm (in our High Density Stack), and from 400 µm – 1.7mm. The G package is also available with CW output capable of producing 40 W of continuous power.

The G package mounts easily into laser systems or direct-diode applications. It is offered with any of CEO’s standard wavelengths between 780 nm – 980 nm. Custom wavelengths are also available. It is assembled with AuSn solder and expansion matched materials for a more robust assembly that promotes increased reliability. Many configurations can be built with fast-axis collimation, with divergence values less than 0.25° (FWHM).


  • Assembled with Hard Solder & Expansion Matched Materials
  • Small, Compact Design
  • Ideal for Laser Diode Pumping and Direct Diode Applications
  • Fast and Slow Axis Lensing Options
  • Multi-Wavelength Configurations

Typical Dimensions

Typical Specifications

Typical Parameters @ 25°C Typical Value Units
Wavelength 780 – 980 nm
Operation Mode QCW CW  
Array Peak Output Power 200 – 5200 40 W
Bar Emission Length 10 mm
Number of Bars 1 – 26 1 #
Operating Current 170 50 A
Operating Voltage (per bar) 2 V
Power Conversion Efficiency 55 %
Bar to Bar Pitch 150 (min)   µ
Pulse Width 300 (max)   ms
Duty Cycle 5 (max)   %
Beam Divergence FWHM 33×6 37×7 °
Beam Divergence FWHM (lensed) 1×6 1×7 °
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Popular Applications

  • Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser Pumping
  • Materials Processing
  • Laser Rangefinding
  • Laser Target-Designating


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