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Array Submodules

CEO’s Laser Diode Array Submodules (ASMs) are offered for individual purchase and on over 200 standard diode heat sink designs. The ASMs are available with CEO’s Silver Bullet or Golden Bullet package technology, the latter of which utilizes expansion matched materials for high average power and long pulse applications. Featuring long life diode bars, the ASMs are available in continuous-wave (CW) and pulsed (QCW) operating modes. For pulsed output, more than 20 bars can be assembled onto a single ASM with a variety of bar-to-bar pitches from 150 µm – 1.7 mm. Custom options are available upon request.


  • Assembled with Hard Solder & Expansion Matched Materials
  • Small, Compact Design
  • Ideal for Laser Diode Pumping and Direct Diode Applications
  • Fast and Slow Axis Lensing Options Available
  • Multi-Wavelength Configurations

Typical Dimensions

Typical Specifications

Typical Parameters 25°CUnitsTypical Value
Array Peak Output PowerW100-520020-40
Operation Mode QCWCW
Bar Emission Lengthmm5-10
Number of Bars#1 – 261
Operating CurrentA18050
Operating Voltage (per bar)V1 – 2
Power Conversion Efficiency%55
Bar to Bar Pitchµ150(min) 
Pulse Widthms300(max) 
Duty Cycle%5(max) 
Beam Divergence FWHM°33×637×7
Beam Divergence FWHM (lensed)°1×61×7
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Popular Applications

  • Material Processing
  • Ti:S Pumping
  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Peening

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