Laser Diodes

ASM232P200, Laser Diode Submodule

CEO’s Laser Diode Submodules are offered for individual purchase or on more than 150 standard diode heat sink designs.  The submodules are available in CEO’s Silver Bullet or Golden Bullet package technology.  They feature long life diode bars and are available in CW and QCW operating modes.

Standard available wavelengths (nm): 790-820, 872-890, 930-950, 970-990 (custom wavelengths also available) Available output power (CW): 100 W/bar Available output power (QCW): 300 W/bar.

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Wavelength (nm) 780nm – 815nm
875nm – 890nm
935nm – 945nm
965nm – 975nm
Operation QCW
Lensing Options No Collimation
Total Power 200 W
Diode Bar Count 1
Power Per Bar 200 W
Diode Construction Golden Bullet (hard solder)

Popular Applications

  • Material Processing
  • Ti:S Pumping
  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Peening

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