Laser Diodes

ARR179P6000HDS20, High Density Stack

CEO has combined its novel packaging capabilities with its high power QCW laser diode bars to create conductively-cooled laser diode arrays with power densities approaching 25 kW/cm2. These High Density Stack (HDS) arrays are excellent candidates for small, lightweight applications which require maximum diode intensity in the smallest possible area. These arrays are available over a wide range of standard wavelengths, and can be packaged on nearly all CEO laser diode array platforms, including G, Cs, and Derringer packages. This package is also available with mini-bars that are less than 1 cm in length.

Golden Bullet (hard solder) 5-bar mini G Package option is shown.

SpecificationsCapability Video

Wavelength (nm) 780nm – 815nm
875nm – 890nm
935nm – 945nm
965nm – 975nm
Operation QCW
Lensing Options No Collimation
Total Power 6,000 W
Diode Bar Count 20
Power Per Bar 300 W
Diode Construction Golden Bullet (hard solder)

Popular Applications

  • Material Processing
  • Ti:S Pumping
  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Peening

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