Laser Diode Drivers

CEO manufactures laser diode drivers that are designed to manage all critical DPSS laser parameters including diode drive current and Q-Switching. The eDrive series of laser diode drivers is available in 100A and 300A pulsed versions, and can be operated in CW mode. The back panel power connections are durable compression lug fittings designed for high current applications. A standard compliance voltage rating of 350V allow several laser diodes to operate in electrical series. Current limit, duty cycle limit, shutter control, and safety interlocks are standard user control features.

Cutting Edge Optronic’s eDrive is a versatile and complete solution for operating laser diodes, laser diode-pumped amplifier modules and diode-pumped laser systems. The eDrive is compatible with all of CEO’s diode arrays, diode pumped amplifiers, commercial and custom laser systems. Standard eDrive offerings provide up to 100A CW and 300A QCW (pulsed) operation. Operating envelopes of up to 20% duty cycle, pulse widths from 10µs to CW, and repetition rates from 2Hz to 50kHz. Models with built in acousto-optical q-switch drivers, thermal electric cooler drivers, external triggering, timing sync outputs, OEM models, and ‘no front panel’ remote control units are offered.

Laser Diode Drivers

wdt_IDPart NumberCurrent RatingOperationCompliance VoltageRack HeightCooling
1ED2C50ACW400 V2 UAir-Cooled
2ED2C70ACW400 V2 UWater-Cooled
3ED2P300AQCW400 V2 UAir-Cooled
4ED2P300AQCW400 V2 UWater-Cooled
5ED4C50ACW400 V4 UAir-Cooled
6ED4C70ACW400 V4 UWater-Cooled
7ED4P300AQCW400 V4 UAir-Cooled
8ED4P300AQCW400 V4 UWater-Cooled
9DC2P300AQCW400 V2 UAir-Cooled
Part NumberCurrent RatingOperationCompliance VoltageRack HeightCooling

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