DPSS Lasers


The TEMoo IKLWA features Q-Switched rated output power up to 16 Watts at 532nm with a beam shape at focus of > 85% round – making it ideally suited for use in micromachining applications. The IKLWA was designed to offer an economical laser solution while providing the same CEO quality of the Patara series laser.
The IKLWA is packaged in a fully enclosed laser head housing for ‘hands off’ installation and are powered by CEO manufactured laser modules.
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Laser TypeDPSS Nd:YAG (water cooled)
Power16 W
Output Energy1.8 mJ
Wavelength (nm)532 nm
Specified Repetition Rate9 kHz
Pulse Width (FWHM)< 80 ns
Beam Diameter (Output Window)< 0.9 mm
Beam Divergence1.7 mrad
Beam Quality (M²)< 1.3
Spatial ModeTEM00
Pulse-to-Pulse Stability< 1.5% rms
Output Stability (Over 8 Hours)< 3% rms
Operating Temp (non-condensing)18 – 30 ºC

Popular Applications

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • DPSSL Pumping
  • Welding
  • Heat Treating
  • Annealing

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