Ti:Sapphire Pump Lasers


Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) offers a complete DPSS laser platform dedicated as pump lasers for ultrafast amplifiers. The below table outlines a range of lasers CEO manufactures for ultrafast pump applications.

Model Average Power* Energy Per Pulse* Rep Rate Range
PA-100-QMG 100 W 10 mJ 10kHz – 30kHz
PA-200-QMG 200 W 20 mJ 10kHz – 30kHz
PA-050-QMGF 50 W 50 mJ Single Shot – 5kHz
GS-160-QFG 16 W 160 mJ 100Hz
GS-5000-QMG 100 W 5 J 20Hz
*At specified repetition rate