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GIGASHOT™ 120mJ UV Laser System


The Gigashot™ GS-120-QFU is CEO’s latest high energy DPSS laser system. The all diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser delivers >120 mJ per pulse at 355 nm at a repetition rate of 100 Hz. Its Master Oscillator-Power Amplifier architecture produces a FLAT-TOP near field beam profile making it ideally suited for pumping ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifiers and OPCPAs.

Please download and review the typical data package below.

IntroductionTechnical ApproachLaser LayoutInjection Seeded OscillatorOscillator BeamBeam Shaping1064nm 350mJ Beam532nm 180mJ Beam355nm 140mJ Beam355nm Pointing StabilityTemporal ProfilePulse Width & JitterEnergy StabilitySummaryDownloadsAbout CEO
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  1. Sir/Madam, I am not familiar with burst mode laser. I have used a laser, modulated with data (voice, video also) and transmit and receive the data over a visible range of 2 kmeter. When rain comes it usually could not perform. How about this new lazwe that you heve. I am interested it can operate in heavy rain in 2-3 km distance.
    Please provide me with your detaied answer.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,
    Paul P. Tan,

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