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CEO Installs 10 Joule Laser at LSP Technologies


Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) successfully installed a new 10 Joule Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) GIGASHOT-HE™ Laser System at the LSP Technologies facility in Dublin, Ohio. This laser will be incorporated into LSP Technologies’ Procudo™ 200 Laser Peening System, which is designed for rapid integration into customer facilities with the utmost focus placed on throughput, reliability, and usability.

The GIGASHOT-HE™ laser is an injection-seeded, diode-pumped laser that produces 10J at a repetition rate of 20Hz and an output wavelength of 1053nm. The laser produces a flat top beam profile in the near field, making it an ideal source for high-repetition-rate laser peening. The Procudo™ 200 system is a high-quality, turn-key, all diode-pumped laser peening system that can be adapted to meet the needs of any manufacturing or research facility. It can be supplied with a wide range of automated part-handling robots and accessories that facilitate laser peening on parts of nearly any size and shape.

Jeff Dulaney, President and CEO of LSP Technologies, explained why they selected CEO and a DPSS laser for the heart of their new Procudo™ 200 Laser Peening System: “When we made the decision to begin selling laser peening equipment, it was critical that the new equipment be extremely reliable and robust with low maintenance cost. CEO’s DPSS laser meets all of our requirements to allow us to deliver the highest power, commercially-available laser peening systems in the world.” For more information about laser peening and the Procudo™ 200 Laser Peening System contact LSP Technologies via their website www.lsptechnologies.com.

The GIGASHOT-HE™ laser consists of an injection-seeded oscillator followed by an amplifier chain containing six PowerPULSE™ laser amplifiers. The amplifiers utilize rod sizes ranging from 3mm to 25mm. Each PowerPULSE™ laser amplifier is pulse-pumped by laser diode arrays manufactured on-site at CEO’s facility in St. Charles, Missouri. LSP Technologies’ incorporation of the GIGASHOT-HE™ DPSS laser, with its stability, robustness, and long-lived pump laser diodes, is consistent with the LSP Technologies goals of high throughput and high reliability in their laser peening systems.

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