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High Energy DPSS Laser Design Video


Utilizing our PowerPULSE™ laser amplifier technology, we’ve developed a set of design standards for high energy DPSS laser systems. Starting with the customer’s desired final beam characteristics and a given set of pumping conditions, we model the entire laser system, beginning with the final amplifier stage. We computationally work our way backwards through each amplifier stage until an energy level suitable for a single mode oscillator is achieved. We then choose a seed laser appropriate for the entire laser system.

Our laser scientists and engineers apply field proven design rules to each amplifier stage to produce a system that maximizes spatial and temporal performance, while minimizing cost per Joule of stored energy. By using only the inner 80% of each laser rod, each amplifier stage minimizes beam aliasing, beam clipping, and maximizes gain uniformity. Utilizing data collected over many years of laser amplifier manufacturing, we have determined that our modules store about 30% of the pump energy. With this data we are able to minimize diode bar count, maximize energy extraction, and ensure that we stay below the damage limits of the optical coatings within the laser system.

We optimize each system by utilizing our computational models, in concert, with our reconfigurable COTS laser amplifiers. This design approach produces high energy laser systems that meet the output requirements of our industrial and scientific customers.

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