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2.75 Joule Laser Amplifier Data


Newly published data for one of CEO’s highest energy QCW laser amplifiers is now available for viewing. This article details typical small signal gain, stored energy, thermal lens strength and gain uniformity data.

Over the past 15 years, CEO’s laser resonator and amplifier modules have been utilized in the industrial, scientific, military and aerospace industries.  Design flexibility of the laser module allows for a variety of rod lengths, diameters, gain media and laser diode bar count.  Today, CEO offers >150 standard module designs with many more custom options available.

The below data details typical performance for the newest and one of the highest energy QCW laser amplifier modules CEO has manufactured to-date.

REA15008-3P200HT OverviewREA_15mm_dime

  • Laser Diode Operation: QCW
  • Rod Aperture: 15mm Diameter
  • Rod Material: Nd:YAG
  • Pump Length: 80mm
  • Peak Pump Power: 26kW
  • Pump Energy: 6.4J
  • Output Energy: 2.75J
  • Stored Energy: 2.2J
  • Small Signal Gain: 7.2

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Small Signal Gain and Stored Energy REA_small_signal_gain

Thermal Lens Strength REA_thermal_lens

Gain Uniformity REA15008_fluorprofile

This laser amplifier is ideally suited for:

  • Q-Switched Applications
  • Power Oscillator Applications
  • Master Oscillator Power Amplifier Designs
  • Short Pulse Amplification
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